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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 4, 2011

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Happy Independence day my fellow patriots! And to our English readers let me say, OK we probably should have paid the taxes. You guys did huge favors for us in the French and Indian war (I hear you guys call it the Seven Years War, but whatever). But that's all water under the bridge, we are the first among friends now right? And who cares that you guys once burned our capitol? We attacked you in the battle of New Orleans after the peace was signed in that war, so we are basically even, right?  So, lets make like Steve McQueen and celebrate together.

And now the news

Spurs Readying A Move For Mangala-Sky Sports

For the right price, this is a good pick up. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ledley King is a Spurs player forever, but he needs to be replaced.

Spurs Square Off With Liverpool In The Race For Niang-The Sun

Liverpool are said to be offering £2.5  million and to loan him back to Caen for 18 months. I think the kid is worth £4 million now, loan him back for 12 months, lets see how much of that Fernando Torres money is still around.

Spooky Goes Serial Killer On Daniel Levy-Dear Mr Levy

This is so many things, stunningly creative, creepy, and kind of awesome.

Everton The Latest To Be Linked To Kranjcar move-Fans FC

£6 million sounds about right. It's not what he is worth (£9-10 million in my mind) but Niko is so consistently underrated its gross, so I'll take 6 for him.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

Darlington Nagbe's Is Really Good At Football-SB Nation Soccer

I was at the MLS draft when he was taken first overall and he buzz about this kid was incredible. I'm glad to see that he is finally getting in the game, Unfortunately this goal is so good that it ruins it for Andy Najar who scored this screamer just hours before.

CHN Examines Newcastle And The 3-4-2-3-Coming Home Newcastle

Its no secret I love reading Coming Home Newcastle, so it's great to see some more activity over there after a lengthy absence of posts.

How Screwed Is The Mexican Copa America Team-FMF State Of Mind

Get it? Screwed! Because of the prostitutes.  No seriously Mexico are totally screwed.