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Tottenham Goosebumps: Choose Your Own Adventure - Which Striker Do You Let Leave?

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Welcome to a new series on CFC. It's called "Tottenham Goosebumps: Choose Your Own Adventure." If you never read these books when you were a kid, you are either a LOT older than me or you had a really, really crappy childhood. Basically, these books were scary or weird books in which you had options and turned to a certain page to "choose your own adventure." On this first edition of this series, your Goosebumps adventure has to do with strikers.

Between all of the stadium nonsense and Tottenham Hotspur missing out on the UEFA Champions League, Daniel Levy isn't giving Harry Redknapp any money to spend in the transfer market. But you know that. You also know that Spurs are in desperate need of a complete striker that is of a higher quality than their current strikers. So, putting two and two together, we can figure out that Spurs probably need to sell one of their strikers in order to buy a decent one.

Let's play a game. In this game, all three of Tottenham's regular strikers have plenty of suitors on the open market. You have just been hired as the director of football, because we're pretending that 'Arry and Levy would be totally down with that. You have offers on the table for all three of Roman Pavlyuchenko, Jermaine Defoe, and Peter Crouch. All of those offers are the same: £10 million.

Harry says that he will only allow you to sell one of the three strikers. Of course, you have the final say, but it's your first week on the job and you don't want to piss off the manager. Harry is willing to sell any of the three, but he is only willing to sell one of the three. The decision is in your hands, Cartilage Free Captain community. Choose your own adventure in the comments...