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Danny Rose, Left Midfield Or Left Back?

Is Danny Rose really a left back? (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Is Danny Rose really a left back? (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

For four years Danny Rose has been one of Tottenham's more highly touted youngsters. The club signed him from Leeds back in 2007 and by January 2008 he was already named to the bench for a league match. An knee injury derailed his progress some, but he was back for Spurs' tremendous 2009-2010 season with the screamer of a goal that helped defeat Arsenal in the magical run in to a Champions League place. A member of the England U-17, U-19 and U-21 teams, he's no stranger to hype and has been pegged as future great left midfielder, but is the midfield even the position for him?

It always seemed like midfield was Rose's place. With Gareth Bale's emergence as a super midfield it looked like Rose's path to the first team had been blocked and that he would have to move away from White Hart Lane to make good on his progress, but a midfielder he was. That is until Benoit Assou-Ekotto went down with an injury and Rose stepped in to play left back.

Sure, Rose was beaten a few times, but that could be chalked up more to inexperience at the back than an inability to defend. He was strong on his left foot looking to get forward, unafraid to push and shove attackers when need be and actually showed a surprisingly good ability to read the game considering his lack of time on the backline. Maybe Bale blocking Rose's path in the midfield wasn't a curse, but a blessing that forced Rose into what is his best position.

Heading into the 2011-2012 season, Bale is still on the left side of the Tottenham midfield. BAE is healthy and ready to play left back, leaving Rose out in the cold, but it doesn't look like Rose is going anywhere. In fact, it looks like he will be the second choice left back to Benny. Is this because it is where Tottenham needs him? After all, Spurs don't have another left back unless you call Sebastien Bassong a left back and he may not even be with the team this season. Is Rose going to left back because it really is his best position? Is it just the perfect marriage of team need with player strength?

Rose has always been a midfielder, but it looks like he's a fullback now, at least for the immediate future. Might it be the beginning of a long career at the position or just a stretch of career-stalling, out of position mismanagement? Without breakneck speed or the ability to play a pinpoint cross, it looks like fortune may have shined upon Rose in this move to left back. Just maybe, he's finally found his way to White Hart Lane and the Premier League for good.

For good measure, let's throw this video in just because it makes me happy.