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Jake Livermore And Bongani Khumalo Could Go On Loan To Rangers

Anyone who takes out Jack Wilshere is a friend of mine (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Anyone who takes out Jack Wilshere is a friend of mine (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We may not be actually bringing anyone in or getting rid of dead weight, but we are moving young players out on loan. Well, we're about to move them out on loan...maybe. Yeah! Get excited! The most recent news is that Jake Livermore and Bongani Khumalo could go out on loan to Rangers for the upcoming season to get some experience since neither will play much with Spurs.

"They are looking for some loans and I mentioned one or two lads that we would loan out if they are interested," Redknapp told Sky Sports News. "Jake Livermore I think is going to come through and be a top player. He has a great attitude and is a fantastic boy. We have got lots of midfielders and he has not really had the opportunity, but Glasgow Rangers were interested in loaning him, and he is a player I would loan out again. That would be good for him."

We saw some of Livermore last year in the preseason and he showed some good skill. He's a fast kid, especially for a winger his size, but he hasn't really gotten it going in his loan spells. His most recent was to Leeds for the second half of last season, but he only made four appearances for them in that time and according to reports wasn't very impressive. Whether he would fit in at Rangers, well that seems like a bit of a stretch for now even if they aren't as good of a team as they like to believe they are, but at 21 years old now Livermore needs to make an impact somewhere before long.

Rednapp also spoke about Bongani, who has yet to appear for Spurs, but did go to Preston North End in January and played five times.

"And there is another young lad, Bongani, a central defender who we took from South Africa, played in the World Cup," Rednapp said. "He went to Preston last year when he first came over and he needs to get out and get more experience, but he would do well at Rangers I am sure."

The question with Bongani is whether or not he really is a Premier League caliber player. He came from SuperSport United in South Africa, a partner of Spurs, but hasn't really proven himself at a particularly high level and is already 24 years old. A Rangers move would be good for him and provide the best indication yet as to whether he ever has a chance at playing at White Hart Lane.