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Settling In For A Long Luka Modric Transfer Saga?

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As Ryan wrote earlier today, Daniel Levy is not interested in selling Luka Modric. By all accounts, Luka Modric wants Daniel Levy to be interested in selling Luka Modric. Honestly, who can blame him? Even if he loves the club and the fans, there are a handful of teams who can offer him both double what Spurs pay him now and regular Champions League football. A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I'd want to leave too, and I stand by it.

Levy and Modric are meeting today, and the result of their meeting will be predictable. Modric will say he wants to leave for a Champions League club if an acceptable bid comes in. Levy will say there's no such thing as an acceptable bid. Modric will tell the press that he is disappointed and that he wants to leave for Champions League football, but that he will play out the duration of his contract if the team refuse to sell him. Right, got it.

Does anyone really think it ends there, though? Of course Levy is going to say the player isn't for sale and of course Modric is going to say he's going to play as long as he's under contract. We should all know that it doesn't end there.

Personally, I'm setting in for a very long Luka Modric transfer saga. I don't care what Levy and Modric say today, this is not the end of it. He will continue to posture for a move somewhere and Levy will continue to insist that Modric is not for sale at any cost. The press will continue to do their thing and other teams will continue to be interested in Modric. For a while, both Levy and Modric will sing the same tune.

Sometime in August, though, Modric will get pissed and publicly state that he wants to leave or Levy will put a price on his head. At this point, Spurs will probably end up negotiating with someone. That someone will probably end up offering quite a lot of money for Modric. 

I'm not saying that Modric will be sold this summer. I think there's a very good chance he sticks around for one more year, then gets himself out if Spurs fail to make the Champions League again. However, someone will eventually come in with a concrete bid, and Daniel Levy will be forced to consider it. This is far from over.