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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 7, 2011

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Happy Thursday, mi compadres. Summer is heating up. The Modric drama is reaching fever pitch. I'd say it's only another day or two until we get the renewed Chelsea offer. Another day is ticked off until the season starts, and that's another day closer to sanity for me.   

And now the news

Levy Says Modric Still Not For Sale-Sky Sports

Great news! Coincidentally I just drove past what looked suspiciously like Roman Abramovich frantically punching buttons on an ATM.

Spurs Could Land Real Star On The Cheap-Daily Mirror

This is your daily story from the world where the flimsiest of flim flammy rumors are acceptable for publication. No, Diarra will not be at the lane this season, the original asking price was 18 million. Harry doesn't yet have more than 5 million to spend. Thus this story makes no sense.

London Mayor Backs Spurs Stadium Plans For Public Funds-Haringey Independent

This sounds awesome, until you learn that the office of Mayor has been around for a grand total of 11 years. This city has been around since Caesar invaded, And I am betting that before that it was some large pre iron age town, yet it has only had a mayor for 11 years? How much power could this guy have? If you know any more about how important this is, please help a confused American out in the comments section.

Spurs Could Still Sign Leandro-Give Me Football

Please, please, please.  I doubt it will happen, if the rumors that Leandro is about to sign a contract extension that would raise his transfer fee to 20 million.  In addition to all the rumors that the club and the player are ready to make a deal but that pesky third party ownership that is so prevalent in Latin America is what is holding up the sale, it just seems like we would be better loaning to buy at this point.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

USWNT Goes Down To Sweden, Will face Brazil In the Quarters-SB Nation Soccer

I only watched part of this game but two things were apparent, it wasn't nearly as close as the score shows, and against quality position the US cannot make good decisions distributing the ball.  

Additional Evidence Of Bribery At FIFA During World Cup Voting-SB Nation Soccer

Wow, just when you thought that FIFA was all better, Jack Warner resigned under the presumption of innocence and FIFA is once again pure. Not so, as even more evidence that FIFA votes are for sale. Least shocking news ever.

Liverpool Agree To Charlie Adam Fee-Anfield Asylum

That sound you are hearing is Harry Redknapp crying into his pillow. I am sure that his diary entries for the next month or so will feature long drawn out diatribes about lost love featuring Dashboard Confessional lyrics, the ink blotched thanks to his tears falling ever so poetically onto the paper.

We Ain't Got No History Weighs In On The Luka Modric Situation-We Ain't Got No history

I tip my hat the the boys at We Ain't Got No history on this front. They make some valid points and did so without being at all condescending. Something I may have, in the past, accused them of. Bravo.