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Boris Johnson Backs Tottenham's NDP For Public Financing

Because I like this picture and you should too (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Because I like this picture and you should too (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Last week we heard that Tottenham were revisiting the idea of the Northumberland Development Project, but only under the condition that they could get public money to help with the cost. The club wants it for the infrastructure, not the stadium itself, and hope to get the money from the Regional Growth Fund, which gives money to private projects that will create jobs.

The biggest obstacle in the NDP is the infrastructure, much more so than the stadium. A new tube station is desired and the public space and landscaping could all garner public money, as could other aspects of the project. Getting the money isn't as simple as requesting it though and how much the club could get is unknown. It does appear they have one influential backer though in London mayor Boris Johnson as he spoke out in favor of the club's attempt to get RGF money.

"It has potential to inject investment in stadium-led regeneration in the heart of the community," Johnson said. "This level of investment will safeguard existing jobs, create considerably more local employment opportunities as well as enhance the public realm and vibrancy of the whole of Tottenham."

Johnson already signed off on the project last year so it appears as if he is firmly behind the stadium. It is possible that the club's continued appeals on the Olympic Stadium is to force the government's hand into giving more support for the NDP, specifically with financing. Whether that is true or not, Johnson's support is most definitely another positive step to Spurs getting the stadium they need to compete with the top clubs, but as importantly, keeping Tottenham in Tottenham.