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Harry Redknapp To Build Squad Around Luka Modric

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In other news fire is hot, to win games you must score more than the other team, and water runs downhill. I'm not sure what Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp was thinking when he said the following to Sky Sports News, but I imagine it wasn't anything terribly deep:

We don't want to sell our best players. We are looking to build a team not tear a team to pieces. He's a massive part of that, we need him here, he's a special player for us.

Great thanks for that Harry. Sometimes Harry says the strangest things. Of course Tottenham Hotspur would build around Luka Modric. He's one of if not the best player in the squad. Plus, he plays a premium position that makes it convenient to build a squad around. It's not exactly easy to build a squad around a left winger like Gareth Bale, but a central midfielder like Modric isn't so difficult.

So, how would we build a team around Modric and his talents? Step one would be to pair him with a more defensive midfielder who can tackle. We have that in Sandro. Step two would be to provide him with wingers to whom he can distribute the ball in order to begin the counter attack. Bale and Aaron Lennon certainly provide Modric with good options on the flank. Step two would be to put people in front of Modric who can score goals. Rafael Van der Vaart seems well suited for this role, if Harry opts to play a lone striker, but we don't have a player to play that lone striker role.

The desire for a striker has sort of become the battle cry for Spurs fans. Even if the Club isn't going to build around Modric or Bale or anyone else currently in the squad, Spurs are going to have to acquire someone who can put the ball in the back of the net consistently. I can't tell you who that player might be (Fernando Llorente), but we need him now. 

As far as other players required to build around Modric, I think the squad is currently set up quite well for him. An additional striker might be nice, but it seems like a big ask to even get one, so let's temper our expectations. Speculation continues to swirl that Lennon could be on his way to Liverpool and if that's the case then the club will need a replacement for him.

All in all, the club is, in it's current state, built pretty solidly around Luka Modric and his talents. The problem remains the same as ever. Lack of goal-scoring punch from the strike force. Solve that problem and Tottenham Hotspur could be well on their way toward a spot in the Champions League.