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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And links July 8. 2011

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Happy Friday Spursland. It's the end of the work week so you know the drill, hit the beer store early and if you happen to run over the old lady browsing in the domestic section, well, thats her own fault. Spurs are in preseason training and we, as supporters, must be in preseason too. I'm talking about checking on your fridge's capacity to chill and maintain frosty beverages and snacks. I'm talking scouting out new snack items for improved game day experiences. I'm talking getting the butt groves in your favorite chair just the way you like them again. The boys are working hard for us, so lets also work hard for us.

And now the news

Harry To Build Squad Around Modric-Sky Sports

Um, wasn't the team doing that already? You want to know how to keep Luka happy? Sign a striker! Oh I'm sorry did you think I was about to drop some unheard of peace of information that you hadn't heard 1000 times before? Well no, not today at least. This situation is so simple Spooky23's infant could tell you how to solve the situation. Do something, maybe pony up the extra 4 million you are being so stubborn about and sign Leandro. Maybe make ANY transfer activity.  

Falling Out Of Love With Luka Modric-Dear Mr Levy

Spooky may be falling out of love with Luka. Perhaps some of you are falling out of love with Luka. I am not. I will never fall out of love with him. He is too good a football player and frankly he is just to adorable. He is like every cat video on youtube all rolled up into one cuddly ball...that can thread a pass through the eye of a needle. xoxoxox

Antonio Pedrozza Flys To London To Discuss Spurs Transfer-Chester Chronical

Yeah, remember this guy? The guy who claimed he had already signed the transfer? Is this kid trying to just fake his way to Tottenham? I feel pretty confident calling him a joke at this point. It's just sad watching the size of publication reporting this steadily shrinking.

Five Players Who WIll Definatly Be Moving This Transfer Window-SB Nation Soccer

This article is pretty cool, it is also not what you think.

FC Twente Stadium Colapses-SB Nation Soccer

Judging from the pictures it is a miracle only one person died. It looks like a rather new stadium so something funny must be going on with something in the architecture.

Mexico Top Germany 3-2 In U-17 World Cup-FMF State Of Mind

How the hell did that happen? I turn off the TV and close the laptop for 2 hours and Germany loses to Mexico? The answer is, bicycle kick!