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Tottenham Hotspur's Best XI Of The Decade: Right Midfield

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This is by far the shortest list we've had for any of Tottenham Hotspur's Best/Worst XI positions. It really speaks to the consistency the Club has had at the position over the last decade. I think this will probably be the closest vote we've had yet because both players were quite good for Spurs.

Both of the nominees for the spot have, or had, tremendous potential, but have never quite lived up to the hype. Both have put together solid careers for Spurs nonetheless and either would be deserving of a place in our Best XI.

Darren Anderton: Good old "Sicknote". Anderton had huge potential, but never quite lived up to it due to injury after injury. Sure, Anderton's best days were probably in the early to mid-90's, he was named Club Player of The Year in 1993, but Anderton's twelve year career with Spurs did not come to an end until 2004 so he qualifies for this list. Anderton made 358 appearances for Spurs and scored 48 goals from his position on the right wing. The Mail named him the 42nd greatest Tottenham Hotspur player of all-time. Plus there was this goal, which to be fair happened in 1999, but still.

Aaron Lennon: Joined Tottenham Hotspur from Leeds in 2005 and went straight into the team. Lennon hasn't looked back and in his six seasons with the CLub has made 219 appearances and scored 21 goals. Lennon is without a doubt one of the fastest players in the Premier League (despite running like a cross between a velociraptor and a zombie) and as a result has been terrorizing left backs for years. Unfortunately, the problem with Aaron Lennon is the end product. He's not the best crosser of the ball and he's never scored more than five goals in a season. Still, Lennon has been one of the more valuable and consistent players for Spurs in the last six years, he even won Club Player of The Year in 2009.

Those are you nominees. Voting is after the jump. As always, if I've left someone off or if you'd just like to slag me and the site off feel free to do that in the comments below.