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Weekend Live Thread

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I know that things around here seem to go a little bit dead on the weekend, mostly because everyone around here needs time to recharge their batteries and theroosevelts isn't writing his wonderful Hoddles of Coffee to perk us all up. So in an effort to keep the energy from the week going we're turning to you.

There are lots of sporting events going on this weekend. Copa America, the FIFA Women's World Cup, Tour de France, MLS, etc. What are you watching/doing this weekend? I know I'll be spending my weekend watching Copa America and playing football manager or maybe I'll just lay by the pool.

Hang out with us here at Cartilage Free Captain and discuss transfer rumors, news, pop culture, and pretty much anything else you want. I'm counting on you guys to have plenty to talk about and making me look like a genius. It shouldn't be too hard.

I'll even help out. Brad Friedel gave his first interview as a Tottenham Hotspur player yesterday, what did you think of what the American goalkeeper had to say? Also, Harry Redknapp claims that striker Robbie Keane could still have a role to play for Spurs. What role might that be? My money is on Luka Modric's valet.