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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 10, 2011

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Happy Wednesday Spursland. I hate Wednesdays, mostly because they are not Saturdays. Not a lot of football on Wednesdays, not a lot of drinking done on Wednesdays either; Wednesday and I are not friends. Saturdays have lots of football and lots of drinking. Me and Saturday are "down" brother.

And now the "news"

Van Der Vaart Thinks Modric Will Stay-Sky Sports

And he would be right about that. The Modric rumors have been cold for weeks. Luka will play this Saturday for Spurs. Book it.

Chelsea To Offer Benayoun In Modric Deal-Daily Mail

Perhaps I spoke to soo...oh its the Daily Mail? False Alarm go back to your lives.

Ruiz Claims Tottenham Talks-Football Fancast

He's a striker! No he is a winger! No he is none of those things he just plays in similar geographical positions to the positions of those names! Or something! I can't figure out what position this guy plays I thought he was a winger or a second striker yesterday, then Kevin McCauley informed me that was not the case so I don't know what position he plays (swinger?) But I am starting to like the idea of him coming to Tottenham. This change of heart, it should be noted, is based on nothing at all.  

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

SB Nation Premier League Previews-SB Nation Soccer

Reading the Spurs preview is just depressing. I only made it through the transfer window recap, and that was just such a downer I gave up. I cannot believe how little has been to bring in new players and ship out the crap.

Anzhi Mahkachkala Make Shock 40 Euro Bid For Eto'o-SB Nation Soccer

Oh come the f@#k on! I have made reference in the past that I keep lists of things that If I were to become all powerful in some sort of Bruce Almighty situation I would smite from the earth, I am now adding this Russian oil baron owned team with an impossible to spell name to that list. That will show 'em!

El Clasico: Barcelona vs Real Madrid, A Tactical Analysis-Barca Blaugranes

A multiple part tactical analysis of a game that will only happen a guaranteed two times. Of course! Because for these two teams the season doesn't really matter if you lose to their most hated rivals. Much like Bryan Ashlock's beloved Ohio State Buckeyes season is meaningless if they lose to Michigan as they will most certainly do this year. Editor's note: I hate the Buckeyes too, but trollololololololol Michigan sucks.