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Tottenham Hotspur's Worst XI Of The Decade: Helder Postiga

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I can honestly say that I am very surprised by this result. The final position in our Tottenham Hotspur Worst XI of the Decade will be held down by Helder Postiga. The Portuguese striker was a huge disappointment for Spurs in his one season with club, but I always imagined that this finally spot would go to Serhiy Rebrov.

In his lone season for the club Postiga managed only one goal, meaning he'd fit right in with Spurs' current crop of strikers. He played 19 games for the Club that season before returning from whence he came (Porto) in exchange for Pedro Mendes.

This whole best/worst XI exercise is now complete and I don't plan on doing this for another decade. I want to thank everyone for voting, maybe now that the season opening fixture has been called off I'll do a recap post for each team just so we can see how truly good/bad each of these teams are.