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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 12, 2011

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Happy Friday...oh hell, there's nothing happy about today. Months of waiting for this day ruined. I even made one of those paper chains like you used to do around Christmas when you were a kid. What good is all this ripped up paper to me now? I need to make another paper chain. Do you know how embarrassing it is for a 25 year old man to make one paper chain, let alone two? 

And now the "news"

Spurs to Target William as Modric Replacment-Daily Mail

43 words. Thats it, just 43 words, why would anyone want any more information on the subject than that? Clearly that was all the data someone would ever want or need on the subject! Now to the best of my knowledge I am the only writer here without a journalism degree but I could be wrong. Editor's note: Ryan Rosenblatt is a Political Science major and Kevin McCauley majored in Gin Studies. But if this is journalism then I don't know how I wasn't able to pick one up in college between hangovers like I was picking up the mail. (note: this is not journalism, it's closer to slaming your fist repeatedly into the keyboard)

Spurs Diarra Bid Shot Down-ESPN STAR

I'd love to comment on this non-story but I am just to taken aback by the existence of an "ESPN STAR", and the age old question, "How many ESPN's do we need" lives on. Why don't they just get it over with and call it The Ocho.

The Tottenham Prophecy Part 2-Dear Mr Levy

If you missed part 1, you should probably read it. It might help to relieve the sting that a lack of Spurs matches has caused you.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

La Liga Players To Strike-SB Nation Soccer

It's been months, months with nothing but shitty MLS, disappointing Gold Cup play, and the confusion of the Copa America. Now just when sweet relief is in sight, everybody is canceling games and calling strikes over little trifles like being given your paycheck. The nerve of these players wanting corporations to "live up to the most basic constraints of legal contracts" and the like. Just disgusting.

Jurgen Klinsman is ANIMATED-SB Nation Soccer

Jurgen acting like a human being instead of the normal Bob Bradley cyborg walking the sidelines was a nice change of pace. So was this new thing the USMNT is doing now where they actually make in game adjustments. But still more awesome about the tie with Mexico was Bryan Ashlock's twitter. Literally every time he commented about the game, the instant he posted the comment the exact opposite happened. It was uncanny.  

El Clasico: A History Of Two Cultures-Baca Blaugranes

A look at what El Classico means in Spain.