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Robbie Keane On His Way to LA Galaxy

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It is confirmed after initial reports from two ESPN sources that a deal is done sending Robbie Keane to the Los Angles Galaxy of MLS. Keane is reportedly flying straight to Los Angeles now, fresh from an international friendly Wednesday night against Croatia in Dublin.

Mark Donaldson reports that the deal is apparently a, "Lucrative deal worth $9 million over next 2 years." This move has been long rumored, as nearly a year and a half ago Keane was being pushed by his wife to follow David Beckham in making the switch from the Premiership to Galaxy. Keane's wife Claudine said at the time, "Would I like to see him play for a team like LA Galaxy? Yes, I would love that, but it changes all the time." 

The timing of the move makes perfect sense in conjunction with the post below, rumoring Emmanuel Adebayor to come on loan with Tottenham. Clearing Keane's salary would certainly open up space for the Togolese striker to join the club.

The move is completely logical for the Galaxy as well, as the table-topping club has only lacked a top class striker in their pursuit of an MLS Cup. Salary wise a move would have to happen for the Galaxy, as they have used up their three allotted "Designated Player" slots, which allow teams up to three players with no salary cap restrictions

To make such a move happen, it is likely that former Aston Villa striker Juan Pablo Angel will be departing the Galaxy to make room for Keane. Tottenham's former Irish talisman is Hollywood bound.