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Saturday Live Thread: Talk Amongst Yourselves

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Since Tottenham Hotspur's opening fixture with Everton has been postponed there's suddenly a lot less excitement going on this weekend. However, there is still plenty of football going on as the English Premier League season opens up. Here's the EPL lineup for the weekend:

  • Blackburn Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers - 3pm BST (10am EST)
  • Fulham v Aston Villa - 3pm BST (10am EST)
  • Liverpool v Sunderland - 3pm BST (10am EST)
  • Queens Park Rangers v Bolton Wanderers - 3pm BST (10am EST)
  • Wigan Athletic v Norwich City - 3pm BST (10am EST)
  • Newcastle United v Arsenal 5:30pm BST(12:30PM EST)

There's plenty of other football going on this weekend in France, Germany, Italy, Holland, and even Scotland. What will you be watching? Hopefully we'll have a transfer signing to talk about at some point this weekend too.

Also, feel free to discuss anything else. Like the PGA Championship, NFL Preseason football, music, movies, anything. Just knock yourselves out.