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Giovani Dos Santos Finally Leaves Spurs, Heading To Sevilla

According to ESPN Deportes, Giovani dos Santos will be introduced as a Sevilla player as early as Monday so that experiment is over. Can we really call it an experiment if we never really gave him a shot during matches though or is it less experiment and more waste of time? Whatever it is, Gio is on his way out, which at the very least helps clear some space off of the wage bill.

Giovanni Dos Santos es jugador del Sevilla. No tengan dudas. Este Lunes damos con lujo de detalles como sera su presentacion. @tomas_espnless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


No word on what the transfer fee is, but let's just call this a sale to boost the striker fund. Kevin, in all his Mexican football loving, will throw a fit over this one because he can't believe how Spurs could never find a place for Gio, but he was as aware as the rest of us that a sale was in the cards. So it looks like Gio is on the way out, but who is coming in? We're still waiting on that one.