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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 15, 2011

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Happy Monday Spursland. If you're anything like our editor Kevin McCauley, you got drunk in Las Vegas this weekend. So sit back, relax, drink your coffee, and just screw around on the internet for the first hour of your work day. Then, waste some more time and hit us up on our Twitter or our Facebook pages.

And now the "news"

Redknapp Wants To Let Modric Go-Daily Fail

There is nothing, nothing better than starting your day with a healthy bowl of BS. It's so nutritious and high in fiber!

Spurs Make Cash Plus Players Bid For Samba-Sky Sports

No word on who the players are yet but i would bet the words "David Bentley" appear on the offer somewhere.  

City Must Pay 100k Of Adebayor's Wages To Make Spurs Loan Work-Daily mirror

For Spurs to accept Emmanuel Adebayor on loan from City, the Manchester club would have to pay £100,000 of Ade's obscene £160,000 per week wages. Dan Levy drives a hard bargain. I wouldn't be surprised if he slipped a clause into the contract allowing him to kick Mancini in the stones twice a season for the next five years.

Episode 3 Of The Fighting Cock Podcast-Dear Mr levy

Is the completely free and totally awesome Wheeler Dealer Radio not enough to satiate your need for Spurs related audio, analysis and entertainment? Well lucky for you because Spooky23 and his gaggle of hellions have you covered.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Barca And Madrid Draw 2-2 In Spanish Supercup-SB Nation Soccer

I could only find video of the Messi Goal (video in the link), but Villa also scored a stunner.  

Chelsea Held To Scorless Draw Againsy Stoke-We Ain't Got No History

Well I guess the Premier League race is already over. Congratulations to Fergie on number 20.

Fabregas Finally Joins Barcelona-The Short Fuse

Oh good, the anxiety was killing me...with boredom! Good, I am glad to see him go. Arsenal is now very much a weakened team and I don't have write about this forgone conclusion of a story ever again.

Five Things To Watch For in The EPL This Season-Bitter And Blue

Stop me if I am speaking out of turn but perhaps should undergo a name change. Seriously, what on earth do City fans have to be bitter about anymore? They have so much money and so many world class players that they are paying other clubs to take some of the best players of this generation off their hands. How about