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Now That Robbie Keane Has Left Tottenham Hotspur, Let's Put Away The Haterade

Robbie Keane was a Tottenham Hotspur legend, despite his last two years with the club
Robbie Keane was a Tottenham Hotspur legend, despite his last two years with the club

Since about February of 2009, I have talked a lot of smack about Robbie Keane. He is one of my favorite players of all time and he was the reason I started supporting the club in the first place, but he really has been dreadful for us since returning from Liverpool. On top of being generally dreadful, he takes up a lot of money on our payroll. Oh, and he scored a lot of goals for Ireland and Celtic. Basically, everything about Robbie Keane since 2008 has been absolutely infuriating.

So, I've ripped him. I've ripped him a lot. I've said lots of nasty things about him in the heat of the moment, and in retrospect, I did not mean a single one of them. Robbie Keane is one of the greatest strikers to ever play for Tottenham Hotspur and despite the last couple of years, he should be remembered as a club hero. 

Boyhood club jokes aside, he played his socks off for us. Even when he looked a step slow and couldn't finish worth a lick, he still seemed to work very hard. Oh, and the guy had six consecutive seasons for us in which he scored double digit goals in the Premier League. He was a star for us, and we're lucky to have had him.

In the completely unlikely event that this post finds its way to Robbie Keane, I want to apologize. As passionate fans and team bloggers, we get caught up in negative events and get frustrated when our favorite players do not play to the best of their abilities. I said lots of mean things about Keane, and I wish I could take them all back. He's an all-time favorite player of mine, and I wish him all the best with the LA Galaxy and (hopefully) Ireland as he closes out his great career.

I don't care who his real boyhood club or clubs are, he's a Lilywhite forever.