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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 16, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning friends. Another day, another game that we as Spurs fans have only a passing interest in. Arsenal play Udinese today in Champions League qualifying. This will be our first chance to see what Arsenal play like in the post-Fabregas era. I'm making popcorn because they are going to get rocked!

And now the "news"

Gallas Out For Hearts And United Games-Daily Mail

While this isn't the most hoped for news, it's really only fair now that United's entire back line is down injured.  

Spurs To Rival Arsenal For Jadson Signature-Crunch Sports

Are we just trying to jack up the price for Wenger or are we legit interested in this guy I don't know, but it's from something called Crunch Sports so it has to be true.

Spurs And City Set To Swap Lennon For Johnson-Give Me Football

Oh please you gods that control the unfounded rumors websites I troll, make this happen. I love Lennon, the first bit of Spurs gear I bought was a Lennon shirt, but his inability to diversify his on the ball game makes him useless against anything above mediocre defenders. Always the same two moves, the kick the ball down field and run to it faster than the defender and then they pause then cut to the outside. Over and over again, with never wavering certitude. Adam Johnson can do other things, like go both left and right and then deliver a final cross. I'll take the overpriced Englishman over the overpriced English Zoolander. Editor's note: WTF does this mean?!?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Champions League Preview: Arsenal vs Udinese-SB Nation Soccer

Our fearless leader (who really is much more of a cowardly lion, we are just contractually obligated to refer to him as fearless) Kevin McCauley breaks down todays Champions League qualifying round clash between the now 100% less shmoopy Gunners, and the team that sounds like an interesting spin off of spagetti bolganese. Note to self, learn more about post-Roman Italy.

Sergio Aguero Is Good At Football-SB Nation Soccer

So this now makes it ...excuse me while I look up the exact figures, it's so hard to keep track these days, SIX top class strikers on this one team. Call Dan Levy to demand that Spurs take Adebayor on loan and City pay all of his wages. In fact you can toss in Tevez too, City won't even know he is gone.

MLS To Change Designated Player Rules Yet Again-SB Nation Soccer

What?! MLS is arbitrarily changing their salary cap rules? This is unheard of par for the course.

FA Charges Arsenal And Song For Poor Match Conduct-The Short Fuse

Not a lot of positive things going on over on the "wrong" side of North London. First Cesc leaves and now this, not exactly how you want to start out what is really a bigger than normal season for Wenger. Not a single player on the roster has won a title with the club, all the best players to come up and really develop at Arsenal are either looking to leave or have already left. This could be the beginning of a serious downturn at the Emirates.