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Bryan Ruiz asks Spurs to Watch Him, Scores

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As we reported earlier today, FC Twente striker/winger Bryan Ruiz has urged Tottenham to come and get him. We have already covered on the site that Harry Redknapp has visited Holland to scout Ruiz, so the interest seems mutual.

In spite of all this transfer intrigue, Ruiz and Twente had a crucial Champions League play-off today against Portuguese giants Benfica. And what did Ruiz do to help his team and catch some attention in the meanwhile? Just drop off this class piece of finishing to provide a decisive equalizer. Check it out after the jump.Description:

Just a piece of fantastic finishing from Ruiz. Great positioning coming into the box, a fine leap, and great touch to put the ball to the far post. Ruiz has never been known to be an in-air threat, but goals like that show that Ruiz has grown into much more of a complete forward.

A lot of criticism for a potential Ruiz move has come in the criticism that he isn't the true number 9 to pair with Rafael van der Vaart. This is fair. But Ruiz is also an immense goal scorer who can play comfortably anywhere in the attacking third.

At this point, all the evidence seems to keep piling up that Redknapp would be wise to snatch up this Costa Rican talisman. Tottenham needs goal scorers and footballers, and Ruiz fits the bill. Stay tuned.