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We May Soon Be Free From The Shackles That Are David Bentley's Wages

David Bentley's hair is glorious
David Bentley's hair is glorious

I know, we've heard rumors of David Bentley's departure many times before, but I'll address it again. Sky Sports is super hit or miss with their transfer rumors, but they have a decent enough rate of success this summer that I'm willing to link to this report that Fulham are interested in signing Bentley. Martin Jol has a decent squad at his disposal right now, but if that side could use something, it's probably depth on the wings.

Of course, there will be two major hangups here. One, Daniel Levy will not want to take a giant loss. Two, David Bentley will probably not want to take a giant pay cut. I have a hard time believing that Fulham will be willing to pay more than half of what we paid for him, and I have an equally hard time believing that Bentley will want to take a 50 percent pay cut. Both are likely required to make this go through.

It's possible that we've hit the point where Levy just wants Bentley off the books and Bentley just wants to play football. If this is the case, I solute Levy and wish Bentley luck in his career going forward. However, my BS detector is blaring right now and I feel like we're in for another season of Bentley on the bench.