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The Emmanuel Adebayor And Bryan Ruiz Rumors Have Me Equally Excited And Upset With Myself


As a Tottenham fan, I know not to get my hopes up. As a blogger who writes about sports all day, every day, I know not to get too caught up in rumors. We see tons of them on a daily basis and for every rumor that comes true, there are four that were "close to done" and eventually amounted to nothing. I write about the most fun rumors on this site because it's the kind of thing that fans want to talk about in the offseason, but that doesn't mean I like transfer rumors. I get into a frame of mind to write a good post, then quickly detach myself from the story.

Having said that, I am very excited about the prospect of Emmanuel Adebayor and Bryan Ruiz joining this season. Maybe it's because Harry Redknapp has admitted to discussions over Adebayor while going to watch Ruiz in person, but for whatever reason, I believe the hype. I feel like it's going to happen. And dammit, I'm pumped.

I do my best not to get caught up in this stuff because it usually doesn't happen and we just end up disappointed, but I can't help myself. I'm running through all of the things we can do with these players. Strikers who can hold the ball. And pass. And finish. And give us tactical versatility. We'll look like Borussia frickin Dortmund. Ho. Lee. Crap. Yes please.