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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 17, 2011

Go! Just go!
Go! Just go!

Are You Ready? It's finally here. Game day, people. Call in sick and hit the beer store early, and don't forget to keep your virtual self planted right here for our live blog and commentary. If you are a new reader of the site and haven't witnessed the graceful waltz that is our commentariat in action, it is a sight to see. As always, bonus points for Archer references.

And now the "news"

Luka Out With "Groin Injury"-Daily Mail

Luka Modric does a really good Steven Gerrard after an England call-up impression.

Levy Working To Bring Diarra To The Lane-The Spurs Web

Reporting on Daily Mail levels right there my friends. Is anyone else bored of this rumor? It crops up for a week before it goes away. And then like the herpes you assure your new girlfriend are just scars from the chicken pox it comes back.

Shikabala's Agent Claims Spurs Interest-Ahram English

I don't know who this guy is, but he did a stint in Greece where he did nothing. He is currently playing in the Egyptian league and averaging close to a goal a game, so whatever.

What's happening around SB Nation, "El Clasico edition", after the jump

Lionel Messi Carries Barcelona To Supercup Victory-SB Naton Soccer

If you missed the game I feel very sorry for you, because it was amazing. This game had everything; amazing goals, unnecessary violence, and Jose Mourinho proving that as good of a manager he is, he is a terrible fighter. At one point I turned it off because the level of play from both teams was so good it was making me to depressed about Spurs. The guys from the mothership at SB Nation Soccer have you covered. I mean really covered, it is borderline excessive.

Messi's Game Winner Against Real Madrid-SB Nation Soccer

Want to see something so amazing it lowers your self esteem? Go ahead and click that link.

Marcelo's Incredably Bad Tackle That Started The Brawl-SB Nation Soccer

"Worst welcome home gift ever" Cesc Fabregas was probably overheard saying once he folded his legs back together. I think even Peter Crouch who knows a thing or two about bad tackles would call it excessive.

Jose Mourinho Fights Dirty-SB Nation Soccer

Everything about this is wrong. Managers are never never supposed to jump into the athletes' brawls. Never, you sit your ass on the sidelines or try to break it up, you are the one in charge, remember! But more than that, if you are going to jump in, maybe you shouldn't do what Mourinho did, walk sneakily up to I believe a Barca assistant coach and poke him in the eye, then immediately turn and slink away. If you are going to fight, then fight but in any country, in any culture, eye poking is just bullshit.

Football Only Cares About Football-SB Nation Soccer

MUST READ!!!!! While CFC is about Spurs coverage with a wacky off beat, semi asshole vibe SB Nation does some great hard hitting editorial work too. Ethan Dean-Richards' piece takes a long hard look at football clubs and examines if they really do care about the fans and their communities.