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And Now, Here's An Absurd Story About Carlos Tevez Going To Tottenham

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EDIT: A guy from the website in question, What A Fantastic Run, contacted me. He said that his site did not contain malware and asked that I amend this post. He claims that his site does not have malware. When I went to it, my browser said this site has malware [screenshot]. My browser could be completely full of shit. If you visit What A Fantastic Run and your browser does not freak out like mine did, it probably does not have malware. I refuse to retract my statement that the Tevez rumor is absurd and that I do not think there is any chance he will come to Tottenham Hotspur. Also, since I never actually said the name of the site, he is essentially defaming himself if his site is malware-free and he asked me to make this amendment. I don't get it either.

Did you see the Manchester City-Swansea game a few days back? Where Sergio Aguero ripped it up? Do you know what that game meant? It meant that Carlos Tevez is a completely worthless piece of garbage player. City should sell him immediately, even if they have to take £15m and pay half his wages. So of course, he's going to go to Tottenham Hotspur.

I was going to link you to this absurd story, but I won't. You know why? BECAUSE MY BROWSER THINKS IT'S A MALWARE SITE. That's how credible this awesome rumor is. It came from a website THAT GIVES YOU MALWARE.

The Daily Mail sucks, but I'm like 99.9% sure I've never gotten malware from their website. Anyway, in the 30 seconds I was on this post before my browser told me to GTFO because I was going to get malware, I read that Tevez is unhappy at City, City want to sell him, and Tevez is willing to move to Tottenham. Hokay.