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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 6: Pwners Of A Lonely Hearts

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I know what you're thinking, but it was too good of a pun to leave out. So, thanks to Lennon's Eyebrow for making it. In the newest Episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio Mechanick, Kevin, and I discuss Tottenham Hotspur's Europa League game against Hearts of Midlothian, as well as preview the upcoming match against Manchester United.

Additionally, we say goodbye to Robbie Keane in a segment that wasn't nearly as touching and poignant as it should have been. As always we touch on a few transfer rumors and answer your questions and just generally have a good time.

Some quick revelations from this podcast: Brian loves any team with an American, I'm am very stereotypically English in my approach to football in addition to being the only person that does this podcast simply to hear themselves talk. We don't learn anything about Kevin other than he knows more about football than most of the people we know. The other cool thing to come out of this episode is that the writers for the site will start making predictions for Spurs games every week and we'll see who's predictive skills are best (HINT: It's not Mechanick).

I know I said last week was the best episode that we've ever done and at the time that was correct. I really think the three of us are starting to hit our stride with this podcasting thing. Hopefully you all have as much fun listening to this as we do recording it.

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Come On You Spurs!