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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 19, 2011

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Happy Friday Spursland! Doesn't the world just seem sunnier after a win? Like life has a deeper meaning and colors seem brighter. And while licensed psychiatric professionals will tell you that these are signs of a gaping hole in your life that you are filling with love for a team of players that you have little or no real conection to, we all know that is complete crap. It's good to be alive. 

And now the "news"

Blues Boss Unsure Of A Third Modric Bid-Sky Sports

This seems like a really smart strategy from Chelsea. Brinksmanship is always the smart play when going up against the greatest deadline day wheeler dealer duo in history in Harry and Levy. Smart plan guys. Two thumbs up. We know you are making another bid. It's very obvious you want Modric guys. So just grow a pair and write that check and have Harry send someone to the tube station to pick up Daniel Sturridge when he arrives.

Five Things We Learned From Hearts vs Spurs-The Guardian

A great read, if at times a little obvious, and not always Spurs related.

The Tottenham Prophecy Part 3-Dear Mr Levy

Another installment of mythological semi-fiction from our favorite partner blog.

Spurs Lining Up Big Bid For Diarra-The Guardian

I am more inclined to believe this is true now that it's cropping up more in the Guardian which is more reliable than say,The Sun, and it's getting me a little bit excited. I might pee myself if we sign him...maybe just a little.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Falcao To Athletico Madrid For 40 Million Euros-SB Nation Soccer

40 million euros. That is an insane amount of money. Don't get me wrong, I think Falcao is a tremendous player.

Falling Out Of Love With Jose Mourinho-SB Nation Soccer

I never fell in love with Mourinho, I was always just amazed buy his abilities as a manager. But for Graham MacAree who has been a Chelsea fan for a very long time it has to hurt to see someone you still have feelings for being such an asshole.  

FC Dallas' historic Win A Signal Of A Changing Tide?-SB Nation Soccer

Is a a changing of the tide? Not yet, but it's a good start. The Mexican league is still far ahead of MLS but perhaps not for much longer.

Give Us Your Questions - Tottenham Edition-The Busby Babe

Now we don't want you guys to troll. We never want trolls, but if you guys wanted to send an obsessively polite email over the the guys at The Busby Babe asking how they could possibly expect to beat Spurs, that would be kind of cool.