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Kevin Bond Says Luka Modric Won't Be Sold; Tottenham Hotspur Will Sell Him Tomorrow

Who needs Luka? We have NIKO, MY COUSIN!
Who needs Luka? We have NIKO, MY COUSIN!

In an interview with BBC Radio earlier this morning, Tottenham Hotspur assistant manager Kevin Bond said that Luka Modric will stay at Spurs and will not leave during this transfer window. The gossip has progressed from "Chelsea are preparing a new bid" to "Chelsea are unsure about a new bid" to "Harry thinks Spurs are better off selling Luka" to "Spurs are not selling Luka."

This is, of course, a bunch of asinine crap. If you think that Bond saying Modric will not leave is the end of the gossip until January, you are pants-on-head crazy and you haven't been following along all summer. There will be, at the bare minimum, one more major twist in this saga and one more set of rumors in the papers.

I'm going to start one right now: Luka Modric will be sold to Chelsea tomorrow for £35m and Solomon Kalou. We learn that this deal had been agreed to two weeks ago, but Harry wanted Daniel Sturridge, who AVB was unwilling to part with. Eventually, Harry agreed to take Kalou instead if Chelsea bumped the fee by a couple million pounds.