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Tottenham Close In On Happyland, Err, Lassana Diarra

So close, right? Maybe? (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
So close, right? Maybe? (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Yesterday reports started to surface that progress had been made in Tottenham's never-ending pursuit of Lassana Diarra. The midfielder has been the apple of Harry Redknapp's eye for a minimum of 87 years and now Spurs are back in for Lass. Not only are they back in it, but if you believe this report from BBC Sport, the club is very close to finalizing a deal for the Frenchman.

Here's the best part. They're saying that the move would only cost Spurs £10 million. That's right. A measly (it's measly when it's not my money) £10 million and a top notch midfielder can make his way to White Hart Lane. Not bad, huh? The price tag also makes the report more believable because nothing says Real Madrid than selling a player for half of what they bought him for after signing several other top players. It's the Real way.

As I said yesterday, I won't believe this is a done deal until it is signed and completed. We've been teased by this Lass talk too many times in the past. That said, I'm preparing to maybe consider drooling at the thought of Lass and Luka in the center of the pitch for us.