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Sunday Football Open Thread: Bolton-Man City, Other EPL, Bundesliga, Whatever

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Once again, Spurs are not playing today. This wouldn't have been too bad under normal conditions, as the La Liga fixtures for today were absolutely outstanding, but La Liga is delayed due to a strike. Damn players, wanting the owners to guarantee that they'll pay them the money in their contracts! Seriously, the players aren't even asking for more money or benefits, they're just asking for a guarantee that they'll be paid the wages in the contracts they sign. Apparently this is an unreasonable demand.

I'm currently trying to watch Wolves-Fulham, but my feed is balls. Fox Soccer TV is being a piece of crap, so I couldn't legally watch Norwich-Stoke if I had any desire to. Bolton-Man City is later, and that should be an excellent game.

I'll also have my eye on Schalke-Mainz, but it's a fairly light football day. Anything else you guys are watching? Whatever it is, feel free to talk about it here.