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Decoding Niko Kranjcar's Comments On Luka Modric

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About an hour ago the Daily Mail released this little tidbit on the Luka Modric transfer. It would seem that Modric's fellow Croatian national team player and Tottenham Hotspur teammate Niko Kranjcar has come out in support of Modric in his pursuit of a move to Chelsea. Kranjcar reportedly told the "Daily Fail" the following:

I think as a friend you support them no matter what they decide to do. He has played every game with his heart and if he gets an opportunity or the club decide to sell him, everyone should support his decision. It is his decision not ours and it's not up to us to convince him to stay or go.

Maybe this is just the cynic in me, but of course Niko Kranjcar supports Luka Modric's move to Chelsea! What does Niko Kranjcar want? He wants to PLAY FOOTBALL! If Modric remains with the club the amount of football that Kranjcar will have the opportunity to play will be severely decreased. Kranjcar may as well have come out and said, "Once Luka's going Harry Redknapp will have no choice but to play me more. I totally support that." Kranjcar went on to state,

If the club don't sell him he will continue to play his football for the club as always because he loves the game...He loves it too much not to give his best. Everyone should expect him to give his all to the cause. I'm sure he will put in a great performance when selected.

Again, maybe this is just the cynic in me, but this quote feels a litte ominous. Almost as if Niko is saying, "If the club don't sell him I'll have to break his kneecaps. I'm sure if he's ever able to play again he'll put in a great performance." Obviously, I say most of this in jest, but this is all just getting out of hand.

I'm sure Jermaine Jenas, Jake Livermore and pretty much every other reserve midfielder for the club would express a similar sentiment. All these players want to play, so of course they would support Modric's desire to leave Spurs. Sure, as players, they also probably are opposed to a club "holding a player hostage", but mostly they just want to play football. I know that's what I'd want if I were in their position.