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CFC Community Theories, Week 1 Voting: Why Were Tottenham Hotspur So Bad Against Manchester United?

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Today marks the debut of a new series, dubbed "CFC Community Theories." We're only going to be doing this for league matches because if we did it for every single match, I might die. Every week, I will ask you the same question: Why were Tottenham Hotspur so [blank] against [opponent]? Of course, this week's question is "Why were Tottenham Hotspur so bad against Manchester United?"

What I need for you to do is leave your theories in the comments. These can range from team selection to tactics to individual performances from our players or the opponent's players. Or maybe you think it was all mental? Maybe it was only about fitness? Maybe there's a wicked witch who has cursed us? Whatever you think the biggest contributing factor to our loss was, leave it in the comments.

I'll be reading through the comments and picking out a few theories to examine and argue for or against. This is a community project that is nothing without your input, so help a brother out! The analysis will go up tomorrow morning.