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Tottenham Transfer Rumors: Adebayor Allegedly Completes Loan Move To Spurs

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According to the Mirror's Twitter feed Emmanuel Adebayor has finalized his loan move from Manchester City to Tottenham Hotspur. I tried to find any other new source that is reporting this, but there simply are none. Honestly, I believe this deal will be done soon, but I won't believe that everything is wrapped up until I see an announcement on either City or Spurs' website.

Rumors regarding Adebayor have been increasing in frequency of late. Some rumors have even linked Tottenham with a free transfer for Adebayor. I don't particularly care how we go about bringing in Adebayor or any other striker for that matter, just so long as we get them in and they start scoring goals.

Hopefully this signing is just the beginning of a very busy next week for Daniel Levy and the rest of the staff at White Hart Lane. Again, I don't believe, by any means, that this move is actually official yet. It does, however, seem to be imminent.