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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links August 24, 2011

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Happy Wednesday, Spursland. It's a great day,and I am not just saying that out of a feeling of greatfullness to have survived that earthquake we had here on the east coast yesterday that everyone handled with grace thought was the end of the world. No sir, things are looking up. It looks like the Adebayor deal is done or very close to done. And we get to play Hearts again tomorrow. What's not to love about that?

And now the "news"

Spurs Drop Stadium Legal Bid- BBC

Thank god we did that before we made ourselves look like bitter out of touch asshats.

Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: Spurs To Reject 30 Million Bid From Chelsea- Daily Doo Doo

While others have grown weary of writing about this, I assure you dear friends that I have not.  So fear not my lovelies, you do not need to stoop to visiting the Daily Mail's website to see the latest crap story about the Modric saga. Simply allow me to do it for you.  

Osvaldo Available For Just 12 Million Plus Add Ons?- Fans FC

I highly, HIGHLY doubt that this is the case, but If it is true, that is a hell of a deal. After Defoe's performance against Manchester United it is becoming clear that we may not just need Adebayor. We might need a second striker as everyone we have besides Crouch, who is only good in Europe, and Harry "Sugar" Kane, who is still not ready for the big time, sucks.

Nasiri Sold To City- SB Nation Soccer

Arsenal sure are an ambitions club. They really seem to be looking to make a run at the title this year now that they have sold the two best players on the team. And by best I mean, so much better than anyone else at the Emirates that the success of all the other players is due soley to them playing alngside Fabregas and Nasiri. Look at you, Arsene Wenger, moving on 6th place

False Alarm, Mourinho Not Resigning- Managing Madrid

Contrary to reports earlier yesterday out of Spain, The Special One is not thinking about resigning, although it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world after his actions against Barcelona. If his suspension is anything less than 6 games I would be astonished. If it was me making the decision I wouldn't let him on the touchlines for 10 games. Not that it matters, these days suspended managers simply sit in the stands and text all the decisions to the assistants.

La Liga Season Preview- Barca Blaugranes

I am constantly feeling inadequate in my football knowledge working with people like Kevin, who is SB Nation's World Football Editor and Bryan Ashlock who is still in college and has tons of time on his hands to watch games and look things up. So in an effort to combat that this feeling of worthlessness, this coming season I am making an effort to watch more La Liga. This preview probably tripled my knowledge of the league.

Dzeko 2.0- Bitter And Blue

I am not looking forward to this weekend. I have a feeling that while our loss to United was ugly, this will be brutal. A big reason for that feeling is the resurgence of Dzeko. Now 8 months ago most of the writers here at CFC were gushing about how much they wanted him at Park Lane. I was more skeptical, I tend to be leery about players from the European leagues coming to England, so many have been flops (Andriy Shavchenko anyone?). So after his move to Manchester City last season flopped big time I was feeling rather smug. Last week that feeling of smugness has turned to a gripping fear. Dzeko is now proving that he is every bit as good as people said he was, and now that he has adjusted to the English game, world domination can not be far off.