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I Have Ideas To Make Tottenham Hotspur A Much Better Club, Mr. Levy

Daniel Levy I am writing you this letter to tell you about things that you need to do to make our team better. Tottenham is currently not very good as you can see because we lost 3-0 to Man United. I have ideas to make are team better and you need to do them.

First you need to sign a striker. I think that David Villa from Barcalona is a good striker and you should sign him. I think that they will take 15 million pounds for him. This would be a good signing because that is what you paid for David Bentley and he is not as good as David Villa.

I also think that you should sell Rafale van der Vart because he is not a hard worker. He scores goals but he is not that good because he just stands behind Peter Crouch and waits for him to do all the work. He was bad against Man U because Defoe played and not Crouch and Defoe is not good like he used to be when he was only 26 years old and very fast.

You should also try to sign David Beckham because he is my favorite player. He is my favorite player because he plays in American and I am American and I did not hear of soccer (I think you call it football, LOL!) before David Beckham came to play in America.

These are my ideas for Tottenham. Have a good day Mr. Levy.


Kevin McCauley