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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 25, 2011

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Good morning Spursland! Today we celebrate Hearts part two. Hopefully we will see some "Sugar" Kane action today as well as the rest of the youngsters. I also very much hope that our comentariat , who threatened a communist coup yesterday, can continue our fine form from game one and create enough Hearts puns to make Bryan Ashlock weep.

And now the "news"

Zarate Open To Lazio Exit-Sky Sports

Only averaging about a goal every four games and plays more of a second striker role. Sounds like exactly what we need! Editor's note: He's very talented, but also an incredibly selfish player and quite the piece of work.

Modric Told To "Get On And Play"-BBC

Sure Harry, you told Modric that. In no way were you reading talking points handed to you by Dan Levy's personal assistant.  

Harry Still Has Feelings For Joe Cole-The Guardian

Harry Redknapp is a loyal guy, great quality in a friend, bad quality in a manager. Joe Cole is not good anymore. Whether or not he was ever really as good as people used to think he was is debatable. But Harry doesn't care, because once you are one of "Harry's boys" he will always seem to think you are quality.

Diarra Coming To Spurs For 12 Million Euros-Managing Madrid

Has this deal been drawn out enough for you? Can you almost taste the sweat from Lass' skin? I can at this point. But this story seems to be slowly, painfully winding to a close, as a respectable publication such as Managing Madrid is now saying the deal is pretty much done.  

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Fenerbahce Booted From Champions League For Match Fixing-SB Nation Soccer

If you haven't heard yet, Tuskish football "went Italian" as I like to say last season, and had a massive match fixing scandal. Fenerbahce were the champions chief dick heads of last season. Rightfully so they are being replaced by the runners up Trabzonspor. My wrestling coach in college was fond of the phrase "if you are not cheating you are not trying," but he was an asshole.

Sounders Win in CCL, Mexican Football Finaly Has A Rival-SB Nation Soccer

I am thrilled to se MLS teams competing in Mexico. For years Mexico was a fortress that Americans couldn't penetrate. It was not just a gap in talent on the field. Going to Central America, players deal with situations that even most hateful of American football fans could never fathom. There were reports a few years ago of the USMNT not getting a good night's sleep before a match somewhere in Central America because the government  had a helicopter hover over their hotel. It's on a different level down there.  

Mexico Announces Squad For European Freindly-FMF State Of Mind

Yes Chicharito is on it, so is Gio. Yeah I did know that that was all the information you cared about. I am freaky like that.

The Mystery Alternative To Luka Modric-We Ain't Got No History

Let's just say that when you find out who it is you are going to be shocked; it is not Jenas.