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Emmanuel Adebayor Signs And WE CAN HAS A STRIKER!!!!11ONE


Tottenham Hotspur has officially announced via the club website that the team has signed striker Emmanuel Adebayor from Manchester City. Regardless of how highly you rate Adebayor's abilities, how you feel about his having played for Arsenal, or your feelings on his attitude, Adebayor is a certain upgrade over what we have up top. He is, at least in theory, the exact player that we needed up top and he should help us out immensely.

When completely fit and in good spirits, a paring of Adebayor and Rafael van der Vaart up top is a mouth-watering thought. Their skills should compliment each other very well and there's no doubt that Adebayor can do things that none of our existing three strikers have the ability to do.

This will, of course, raise questions about whether or not any of our existing three strikers will be sold. All three of them have been linked elsewhere during the transfer window, and those rumors will only intensify over the next seven days.