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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 7: ZOMG We Can Haz A Striker!!1!

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We're back again everyone with another installment of the best Tottenham Hotspur podcast on the interwebs. This week, aside from being able to discuss Tottenham Hotspur's Premier League opening match against Manchester United and the second leg of the Hearts Europa League tie, in which we got to see tons of our youth players, we have an actual signing to discuss.

The Club have finally finalized the loan signing of Emmanuel Adebayor giving Tottenham someone who can play as the lone striker and score some goals. Obviously, myself, Brian Mechanick and Kevin McCauley are geeked about the opportunity to have a real striker, but all that is tempered by the expectations for the upcoming Manchester City game. Kevin and I expect Spurs to get absolutely smashed, whereas Brian is completely delusional and thinks that, thanks to excellent defending we'll grind out a draw.

Some other Spurs things we cover include the development of the young players, the signing of Yago (or Iago) on loan from Juventus, and who will be on the squad once the transfer window closes. As usual we ramble off topic to discuss Stoke City, the performance of Swansea goalkeeper Michel Vorm, and why I have decided to go to law school. 

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Come On You Spurs!