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Redknapp Contradicts Lass Diarra, Spurs Transfer Still On?

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Well how about this for some confusion. Early in the day Thursday, we received reports that Real Madrid midfielder Lassana Diarra had quashed all rumors of a potential transfer to Tottenham. And Lass was none to kind about the possibility of this move, saying:

"The information about my departure is a lie. There is no agreement with Tottenham and I do not think there will be. I have a contract with Real Madrid until 2013 and Jose Mourinho is my coach."

But just as that move seemed completely dead, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp of course gave statements completely to the contrary. According to Redknapp, the negotiations are still very much on: 

"Things haven't broken down," Redknapp said. "There is still a good chance. The chairman is working on it. I signed him at Portsmouth and they sold him for £22 million. He's real talent, a fantastic player and it's a real possibility still."

Obviously, these are confusing days for Spurs supporters. But Redknapp has never been a big one to start naming to the press a player he isn't after. It seems a good bet that Tottenham might still supplement its midfield with Redknapp's former player at Portsmouth.