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It's Actually Not A Bad Thing Being A Spurs Fan

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Anybody would think we're in crisis. Tottenham. We're not. Not by a long shot. What you're experiencing at the moment, that's the Premier League flexing itself and reshaping. Not an over-night process. Might take a while before it settles. In fact, it might never settle and for the foreseeable future continue to flex and flux.

What is this mess of an analogy meant to represent? Life. Life as a Spurs fan.

No matter how many times we discuss and explain that if it wasn't for the billionaires over at Eastlands we'd be a certified Champions League team, one that has progressed to that point within its own means and without the necessity of jumping several levels of transition as long as it takes you to blink. None of this, bitterness or jealously or despondency is relevant because the fact remains...City are City and we're not the only ones that will have to deal with the consequences. All we can do is roll with the punches.

But still, the natural instinctive desire to see us sign top drawer and world class players sends us within a minute of the mad house because anything less would leave us empty, especially in comparison to that Manchester club. The transfer market has been disturbed so much by this modern footballing phenomenon that even Obi-Wan Kenobi felt it. It's not easy doing business out there, especially when our ambitions remain at a level more accustomed to teams that enjoy Champions League every season.

I don't know why we can't scout players on the cheap. I don't know why we are loaning a kid with no clause to sign him permanently or a kid plagued by injury, fragile and brittle (although talented). I also don't know if the relationship between chairman and manager has degraded. You could make that assumption based on the fact Harry and Levy sing from different hymn sheets. But then we all know Harry likes a sound-bite, likes to talk and simply can't shut up.

Hasn't stopped us signing Adebayor. We needed a striker. We got one. I'm sure that natural instinctive desire would have preferred us to have signed one for £25M out-right. But what we've got is someone proven in the EPL and with a point to make. We're still in for Diarra and apparently in for Parker. Whether it's both or one of them and whether you rate them or not, you can understand the reasons behind the interest. Depth. We need depth. Harry will earn his money when all our players are fit (Sandro anyone?) and available for selection.

The fact is, although these players (linked and signed) are neither explosive or exotic in terms of impact compared to other clubs - let's embrace the fact (or try to remember) that there is not that much wrong with what we have already. We got some fundamentals wrong last season. All we need this summer is to improve certain areas to leave us with little room for excuses.

Sure, City are stronger. Sure, Liverpool are stronger. Arsenal, we don't know how they will react. Chelsea, you expect them to do well. United are forever United. All the teams struggled for genuine form last season. That state of flux leaves us wondering who will be flexing their muscles best this time round.

We were limp last term. Too many home draws. If we get the balance and formation right this season, there is no questioning the fact we can push on and challenge for a top four place. That's got to feel good, right? That has to warm your cockles, make you proud...make you want to sing your heart out.

That pedigree, tempo...that might not be appearing in the Champions League this season but it could well be appearing in the Premier League.

From the back to the front, we have riches. Once the injured are back, we still have one of the most compeitive sides in England and one of the best midfields. The pressure is on the manager, but equally so our much hyped players.

Crisis? No chance. Remember the run-in back in 2010? Everyone wrote us off. Everyone cited the fixture list and shrugged a massive 'no' in our direction with a patronising pat on the back just for larfs.That grit, desire and tenacity. We need it again abundance. To work alongside our flair and skill.

When the pressure is on the others expected to claim a top four place, whilst we are ignored...then it's up to us to once more prove everyone wrong.

This is what football is all about. Chasing the dream. I'm buzzing for it.

Don't believe me? Look at our squad. Then hand on heart tell me you don't think we're up for it.


Spooky is the man behind Tottenham Hotspur blog Dear Mr. Levy. Follow him on twitter at @spooky23.