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Writers Prediction League - Match 2: Manchester City

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Well, we possibly learned two things in last week's predictions. That either Tottenham Hotspur is a lot worse than we expected... or your writers are terrible at predicting. Both are most likely true. Anyways, the standings in the league now stand at the very simple score of Ryan 1, the rest of us zero.

We're entering a scary tie, facing a juggernaut Manchester City side that just picked up one of Arsenal's best players. But Tottenham is at home, and the Lilywhites have pulled bigger upsets. Let's see what our "experts" predict is going to happen this week:

Kevin: If Modric and Huddlestone start I give us a fighting chance, but City are just too good. 3-1 Manchester City

Ashlock: We're going to get absolutely battered. I don't care if this game is at White Hart Lane. 4-1 Manchester City

Mechanick: I'm betting on a slightly disjointed City side and a strong Tottenham counter attacking mindset being enough for a Spurs upset. 1-1 Draw

Ryan: My prediction last week was an attempt at a reverse jinx. Clearly it didn't work so let's flip it. 2-0 Spurs

The Roosevelts: Man City are looking Barcelona good with a much more aggressive style. *If Luka plays 3-0 loss, if he doesn't play 7-0 loss.

*Special One-Time Exception for Double Prediction

Evan: Man City overwhelms the Lane with a billion dollar barrage of talent. 3-1 Manchester City

But most importantly, what do you think is going to happen this weekend, o wise commentariat? Leave your thoughts below and vote in the poll: