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Harry Redknapp Pulls No Punches, Says Samir Nasri Is Chasing Money

The multi-million pound jersey (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
The multi-million pound jersey (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Manchester City continues to add top player after top player. As I am sure you have noticed, but they are scary good with an incredible array of attacking talent. Carlos Tevez doesn't do it for you? Well, they have Sergio Aguero. There's also Edin Dzeko and David Silva. Now they have added Samir Nasri, who insists that he left Arsenal for Eastlands so he could win trophies.

"[Man City] have the biggest squad and they showed it last year when they won the FA Cup and finished in front of Arsenal," Nasri said. "So, the facts talk for Man City. I hope to win titles. I played at a high level with Arsenal but I never won anything.''

Sorry, Samir, but we know you're lying. It's possible that he left Arsenal in search of trophies, but why did he pick City? It's the money of course. Harry Redknapp knows that's the case too, refusing to believe that Nasri is just chasing trophies and not money.

"He could have gone to Manchester United, they wanted him and he wanted to go there, but then Man City came in and offered him more money so he went to Man City," Redknapp said. "That's how it goes, we have to be realistic. When people get offered the chance to treble their wages, they're going to think about it, anybody would."

Like Harry, I don't blame Nasri for taking the money. I don't blame any of the other players who went to Eastlands for taking the money, but don't pretend that it's not a factor. Nasri, trophies are nice and you probably think you have a better chance at winning with City that you did at Arsenal (you do), but the money is awfully attractive too.