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Stoke Bid For Peter Crouch In Addition To Wilson Palacios, According To Report

Is Crouchy on his way to Stoke? (Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Is Crouchy on his way to Stoke? (Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Getty Images

According to Sam Wallace of the Independent, Tottenham have accepted a bid from Stoke City for Peter Crouch. That means that he will take his nachos to Stoke, right? Wrong. At least not yet. Or maybe not at all? The report also says that Sunderland will try to outbid Stoke for Crouch. Furthermore, Crouch has not spoken with either Stoke or Sunderland so he hasn't been able to give his input on where he would like to go. And just to throw another variable in there, Harry Redknapp would like to keep Crouch.

As is always the case at White Hart Lane, we've got no idea what is going on. Is Crouch willing to move to either Stoke or Sunderland? No idea. How much money is Stoke's bid for and how much higher is Sunderland willing to bid? Again, we have no idea. Can Harry convince Crouch to stay at the Lane and Daniel Levy not to sign? On more time, we have no idea.

This isn't the first time that Stoke have been in on a Spurs player. They are also trying to buy Wilson Palacios so it could be a double buy for the Potters. Tottenham are still trying to bring in a midfielder so there is a move to go along with the possible sale of Palacios, but what about a move to go along with Crouch? 

If Crouch is sold, Spurs will certainly have to sign another striker. If not, the team is one injury to Emmanuel Adebayor from Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon sending crosses into little Jermain Defoe and lazy Roman Pavlyuchenko. Sounds like fun, right? Oh, there's also the fact that it would leave the team without a single striker who has shown an ability to play well with Rafael van der Vaart.

It appears as if Crouch has value and capitalizing on it isn't a bad move. If he is sold for a decent price, Spurs couldn't be blamed for selling, but that has to come with another signing. Or it doesn't. That would just make for another question for the club, which is good because there aren't enough of those yet.