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Here's Why ITK is Stupid

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Ok, sure. I follow ITK. I read all the Tottenham Hotspur forums and sometimes I get unreasonably excited about the things posted by folks like Phantom of the Lane, Rabbi Crackers, and HoofHearted. However, for the most part, I take the ITK I read with a grain of salt because most of it is made up and vague.

Then, while reading Spurs Community this afternoon I ran across this little tidbit from a poster going by the handle of jermaine_defoe. It says:

Something big is coming fella's... and boy do i mean BIG. 31st August will be like Christmas. COYS.

That's it. Wow. Thanks for that. Now when we sign someone on deadline day this particular ITK "source" can say, "Look! I was right!" and he will forever be regarded as having inside information. All I have to say about this is that there damn well better be something big coming on or before August 31st, because the team, in its present state, cannot compete with the other top clubs in the league.

Even our very own Spooky has been blathering on about the club breaking their record transfer fee for a player. Editor's Note: Spooky was, in actuality, sharing ITK he had heard from a friend; not passing on his own "inside information". Spooky generally shares my disdain for ITK so this is especially surprising to me. The problem, obviously is, that given the results of our first two league games Spurs fans are attempting to cling to any sort of hope for improvement.

So, I'm going to offer everyone my litte bit of ITK: Something big had better be coming, but it's probably just Scott Parker. August 31st will be like Christmas, for people that aren't Christian. So, it won't be much fun at all. Come on you Spurs!