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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 29, 2011

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Happy Monday Spursland. You may have already heard, but Luka Modric is pissing everyone off. Perhaps he thought that we hadn't figured out that he really doesn't want to be here anymore and now there is a bigger problem. A lot of people don't want him here anymore. You may have guessed, I am one of them. This isn't into Sol Campbell territory yet, but we are now approaching that region.

Fans have tolerated the temper tantrums he has thrown recently, claiming the injury to get out of playing Manchester United was a clear shot over the bow but not totaly out of line. It's been done before and while very not cool, it is not enough to cause people have such strong feelings of hate. But when the team is so short of central midfielders, to walk up to the manager and give such a candyass excuse is unacceptable.

"Sorry coach, my head just isn't in the game today." Think about what would happen at your job if you pulled that. It is your job you do it whether you like it or not. Do it, then shut up, go home and drink until it doesn't hurt anymore like the rest of us.  

I would have really preferred it if he gave Harry Redknapp the finger in front of the entire stadium and tore up the lineup sheet in front of the entire ground. Harry likes talking to the press and I am sure a new soundbite from him will emerge in the next few hours I really hope it sounds something like "I called Roman and told him I expect Luka gone, then told Luka not to worry about packing his gear because I set fire to it in the parking lot."

And now the "news"

Livermore Loan Part Of Proposed Parker Deal-Sky Sports

Big thanks to Bryan Ashlock for the heads up on this little story. I am pretty resigned to Scott Parker being signed by deadline day at this point, and I think Livermore is not really on the level of play of the upper half of the Premier League table just yet. Playing time in the Championship would help his game, but Spurs are currently scraping the bottom of the barrel for central midfielders. He's getting a lot of playing time here already. I wouldn't want to see him loaned until our midfield is more healed up.

Palacios To Have Stoke Medical-BBC

While it would appear that Wilson is gone, Redknapp denied that three meter Peter was going to be joining Wilson at Stoke. Harry likey the talky talk.

Should Spurs Be Given Public Money To Stay In Tottenham?-The Guardian

A Guardian op-ed examines the subject in the post-riots light. I highly recommend this.

Espanyol Seeking Dos Santos-Inside Futbol

Why does everyone need to crush Kevin McCauley's dreams? I bet Kevin was thinking that he would still be here at the end of the transfer window. And with Rafael van der Vaart down maybe this could be the time for Harry to let him shine for us! Or he could do what everyone seems to think will happen and go to a Spanish club where he will shine and continue to make USMNT supporters cry. Sorry Kevin.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Xabi Alonso Kicks A Ball Really Hard-SB Nation Soccer

How deep was he sitting that it took him that long to join the attack? Was he patrolling his own six yard box? Do I use too many rhetorical questions?

This Day In History-The Short Fuse

For those who just want to revile in Arsenal's shockingly bad defeat to Manchester United, head over to SB Nation's Arsenal blog The Short Fuse and take a look at how much they are panicking. Not like us over here, handling our shockingly bad game like the mature professionals we are.  

Welcome SB Nation's Newest Footy Blog, Lion Of Vienna Suite

I am not sure which is a more insider blog name, Lion of Vienna Suite, or Cartilage Free Captain. Exactly nobody that doesn't follow either team seriously has any idea, at first glance, what they hell kind of site they are about to visit. If you would like to know what the the Lion Of Vienna Suite is CLICK HERE, I was kind of surprised.

A Look At The 25 Man FA Roster Rules-We Ain't Got No History

Thank god for this article. Every time I have tried to figure this out I have jumped from shit article to shit article that just makes me more confused to the point that after four minutes I decide I just don't care and go back to watching the History Channel.