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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 3, 2011

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Happy Wednesday mi compadres. Normally Wednesdays suck because lets face it, it's still not close to the weekend, there is never anything good on tv unless it's shark week, and there is constantly the annoying positive guy in the office making "at least it's hump day" references. But today is not one of those days. For one thing it just happens to be shark week, and we have a fairly positive news day for you. So stop your damn complaining.

And now the "news"

No Transfer Request From Modric-BBC

Oh yeah! Victory! Things around the Lane are looking pretty damn good these days ain't they Luka? Now that word has leaked out about Chelsea looking at other players and not wanting to pay a reasonable price for your services. Tell the misses that yacht order is on hold for another year and focus on feeding through balls to that Welsh guy.

Transfer Window Winners And Losers-Yahoo Sports

Takes a guess what side of that divide Spurs falls on.

Palacios To Stoke?-Give Me FootBall

Well, that sounds just downright plausible. The only stumbling block is that it would be a cross Premier League transfer, and many many people are opposed to those.

Spurs Lead Arsenal In The Race For Barton Signiture-Crunch Sports

Yeah! Suck on that you tossers, or however you say it. I've been experimenting with more English slang, pretty sure I only get it right every fourth try or so.  

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

With his New Found Freedom, The Special One Is Now A Threat To Barca-SB Nation Soccer

I generally think that when one person in any organization has this much power it is a terrible idea. It leads to a shitty product and I don't care what it is. It doesn't matter if it is whatever team Bill Parcells is coaching, or the McMahon family running WWE; too much power in the hands of too few leads to piles and piles of shit. That said if there was one person I'd feel comfortable giving way too much power to It would be Jose. I hear he is special.

Goodbye Jeffren: Why I am Also Happy To See You Go-Barca Bluagranes

The downside of signing for one of these super teams like Barca, or Man City, is that so often quality quality players have to sit on the bench or even in the reserves.  

Cool Cool Considerate Men: In Defense Of Mr. Ashley-Coming Home Newcastle

Coming Home Newcastle takes a look at Newcastle's current situation from the point of view of "not immediately panicing at the smallest negative action." Perhaps advice that all of us could use too.