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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Epidsode 4: Diamond Lights

Welcome back Tottenham Hotspur fans. It's time for Episode 4 of Wheeler Dealer Radio! In this week's episode we discuss what little bit of team news there was from the past week, mainly a couple of youth players going on loan, as well as re-hash the most recent preseason friendlies. Also, we go through some stupid transfer rumors about the likes of Bobby Zamora, Alvaro Negredo, and Juan Mata and then later we answer some mail from our loyal listeners.

One new segment we've introduced this week is "Legends of the Lane". This segment is for those of you who may be new fans of the club and may lack some of historical perspective on the club. This week Kevin, Brian, and Bryan discuss Glenn Hoddle who's name gives inspiration to the Morning Hoddle of Coffee piece that appears every weekday morning on our blog. Hoddle, as you'll hear Brian mention during the podcast is also known for the song "Diamond Lights" which he performed with Chris Waddle and I feel compelled to include it here for your viewing pleasure:

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