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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 8: It's Time To Get A Little Ranty

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I bet you weren't expecting a brand new episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio, were you? Mechanick, Kevin, and I thought it might be a good idea, given the results from last weekend for Tottenham Hotspur, to do TWO podcasts this week. This first one touches, briefly, on the Manchester City match, but mostly we spend an hour complaining.

I think we make this clear in the podcast, but I want to put it in writing here too. All (ok, most) of the reactions and thoughts you hear in this post are not knee-jerk reactions. Even if you disagree with us, which is pretty much what Mechanick does the whole time, at least acknowledge that we're being reasonable in our criticism.

So to quickly sum up what goes on in this podcast: We rant about Harry Redknapp, youth development, and even the City game. We also spend a few minutes discussing the final days of the transfer window which includes who's coming, who's going, and what's happening with Luka Modric

We'll be back later this week with a recap of all the transfer window craziness that is sure to go down on Wednesday. So enjoy this episode, but know that we're going to bring you another episode later this week. Can you handle that much excitement (or that much of the three of us) in one week?

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