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What If The Luka Modric Transfer Isn't Dead?

Little Luka can haz a sad
Little Luka can haz a sad

You read that headline and vomited, didn't you? Well, I vomited writing it. I could have made it a little softer on the eyes. I could have eased you into the doomsday scenario. But that isn't the point of this site. The point of this site is to MAKE YOU VOMIT AND GIVE YOU A HEART ATTACK SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Yesterday, we wrote that the Luka Modric transfer to Chelsea was dead. That's what one BBC reporter and a number of other people said. With Daniel Levy having already rejected a bid of £27m while insisting Modric would not be sold at any price, it sounded plausible. There hasn't been a bid in a month and the price that most are quoting as high enough to make Levy change his mind is £40m. It's a lot of money, but Chelsea paid £50m to get Fernando Torres last minute. It's not outside of the realm of possibility. 

Last year, we bought Rafael van der Vaart...after the last possible minute. We probably shouldn't have been allowed to buy him, honestly. Chelsea signed Torres late in January, while Liverpool signed Andy Carroll under the same circumstances. Tottenham and Liverpool were trying to get Charlie Adam at 11:59 pm. It's never, ever over.

Do I think Modric goes to Chelsea today? No, I don't. He's with the Croatia squad, Spurs haven't received a bid, and Levy has said no over and over again. But if you think there's no chance that it goes down, you're a fool. It's August 31. Throw logic, reason, and sense out the window.

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