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Tottenham Supposedly Interested In Signing Portugal U-20 World Cup Star, So Who Is He?


This summer, Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy have shown a willingness to go out and get some young players, something which the staff here at Cartilage Free Captain is excessively happy about. Everyone has faith that Souleymane Coulibaly will at least give us a return on our investment after his performances in the Under-17 World Cup. Christian Ceballos and Iago Falque Silva couldn't make it at La Masia, but then again, neither could Cesc Fabregas. These players all came cheap and all look promising. Now, we're linked to another starlet.

Say hello to ginormous 19-year old defensive midfielder Danilo Pereira! The 6'2" wrecking ball was a force for Portugal at the last Under-20 World Cup and has drawn comparisons to Patrick Vieira. That I jacked off his Wikipedia page, but having actually seen him on two separate occasions in the U-20 World Cup, the comparisons seem fair from a physical and stylistic standpoint. Time will tell if he's even half as good.

If you're looking for the sites that linked Pereira to us...I'm not even going to link them. They're not legit sources. Meaning, they were probably completely made up and we're not actually after this guy. BUT I CAN DREAM, CAN'T I? IT'S AUGUST 31ST AND OUR YOUTH ACADEMY SUCKS EXCEPT FOR HARRY KANE, I AM GOING TO MAKE UP TRANSFER RUMORS ABOUT TEENAGERS BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT.

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